About Us

We are a team of MBAs, doctors, engineers and statisticians who have developed healthcare analytics models and have deployed the solution over an open source based cloud platform. As patients get admitted in the hospital, we work on the medical record in real time. We have built an HL7 interface that gathers each event that occurs in the hospital in real time.

Our platform needs no customization. Our interface uses HL7. This is an industry standard that allows for full interoperability irrespective of the underlying EHR e.g. Epic, Cerner etc. We perform the analytics and then our doctors validate the statistical output from a clinical standpoint We aim to have the reports to the hospital while the patient is still in the hospital!

Pythia Healthcare Advisors Inc is a new firm founded by vastly experienced doctors and consultants with a track record of providing superior delivery. Pythia delivers healthcare analytics and research services. We believe in combining our medical and analytical expertise with the efficiency of remote delivery to lower costs for our clients.